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Account FAQs

Every account needs to be manually approved by our moderators in order to reduce spam signups and increased quality creators.

Your account will be reviewed withing 48 hours of signing up.

If you have any doubt with it, please write to us at [email protected]

Mera Merch requires all designers to signup and have a creator account in order to track designs made by the creators and match them with their product.

Signing up makes you eligible for

  1. Tracking sales for your order
  2. Custom creator link that you can share with your fans
  3. Easy withdrawals on Creator portal

Payment FAQs

Your profit depends upon the product you choose and the pricing you set on you product.

For more detials on pricing, see Payments.

You can submit a withdraw request on our Withdraw page.

(You must have a minimum balance of INR 3000)

We provide full transparency in per-sale earningn process and add profit to your profile as soon as the merch is delivered.

Whereas in some cases if there has been an error while calculating your earnings,  please contact us [email protected]